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Served w.grilled veggies,steamed OR Egg Fried Rice

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Hibachi Chicken

Served grill vegetables,Chicken, steam OR Egg Fried Rice

Hibachi Vegetable

Served with grill vegetables,steam OR Egg  Fried Rice.

Hibachi Tofu

Served grill vegetables,Tofu, steam OR Egg Fried Rice


Hibachi Shrimp

Served w.grilled vegetables,Shrimp,steam OR Egg Fried  Rice.


Hibachi Steak

Served w.grill vegetables,Steak,steam OR Egg Fried Rice.

CK Wings w. Fried Rice

6 PC OR 10 PC Wings w.Egg Fried Rice

Bento Box

Bao Bento Box

served w. 2 steam bun,1sushi roll ,spring roll(1) or dumpling(2)& crab avocado salad

                      Hibachi  Bento Box:
served w. grill vegetables,steam or Egg fried Rice,spring roll(1) or dumpling(2) &california roll

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